Out-of-the-box E-commerce Affiliate Networks

SeoToaster Ecommerce is the natural choice to run multiple web stores, even just two, whether you're using a central product catalog or independant ones, and is uniquely suited to drive your profits up.

Thanks to its patent-pending hub & spoke technology, SeoSamba is the only multi-websites internet marketing platform built for affiliate networks and franchise brands from the ground-up

Because it's mimicking the power of group purchasing and leverage the benefits of multi-level marketing, SeoSamba’s hub and spoke technology gets increasingly cost-effective as the franchise network grows though, as cost-saving features are passed on to each individual website or online store within the network.

Multi-store Features Driving Efficiency Up, Costs Down

With SeoToaster Ecommerce and SeoSamba, you can synchronize online products catalogs, centralized shared assets (content, advert, product images) directly from the cloud, and set both local and central promotions, all the while leaving local managers the freedom to modify content, either manually or automatically.

Here are a few of these features that can make or break your affiliate network or multi-store operation:

  • Local pricing policies co-existing with central catalog information
  • Turnkey synchronization of multi-stores catalog
  • Real time online traffic and sales reports, both aggregated & local
  • Subscription-based services, (training, support, marketing...)
  • Built-in W3C-approved microdata semantic web format
  • Open source framework for full customization
  • Instant online quotes and offline sales
  • Optimized mobile ecommerce (adaptive or responsive)
  • Multi-sites automated and organic SEO execution
  • International & multi-lingual, inline CMS editor
  • Streamlined global and local email & sms marketing
  • And much, much more!

Multi-sites Automated SEO, Optimal Organic Search Rankings

SeoToaster is the only CMS (content management system) to integrate automated SEO & online marketing technology.

All product pages and content pages are optimized on the fly, with smart optimization of hundreds of complex parameters to match best practices required by major search engines.

Automatic content integrity verification, optimized canonical URLs, automated 301 redirects are just a few of the benefits you'll get right out of the box with SeoToaster Ecommerce and SeoSamba giving your ecommerce or affiliate network an unbeatable edge over competitors.