Centralize content publishing for distributed domains & hosts

SEOTOASTER is a powerful tool for building networks of affiliates and nice web sites, including E Commerce stores. The combination of features found in SEOTOASTER is simply unmatched in the marketplace today.


Powerful SEO combined with an intuitive interface

4save changesIt all starts with unlimited and unfettered design options, so that only your designers imagination is the limit to your ability to build web sites that convert visitors into sales. 
SEOTOASTER is also very easy-to-use with its inline editor, intuitive and nice looking interface. Of course, as you have guessed it, SEOTOASTER's SEO features are second to none. Built by SEO Samba's optimization experts, the built-in SEO automation features set is impressive, and includes deep-linking, WYSWYG java-script based silo builder, and automated SEO variables alignment.



Create your own network of adverts and apps

SEOTOASTER also offers in-line networked content inclusion with a subscription to SEO Samba. This means you can host thousands of websites on as many web servers across the world, connect and manage them all centrally with our powerful marketing rules builder, but also create content that becomes immediately available for inclusion across your network.


create your own network of adverts and apps

Optimize any number of sites with a powerful rules system

SEO Samba's seo platform makes optimizing multiple websites for Google and other search engines a breathe. Whether your website is a B2B or an E commerce website, SEO Samba offers a rule building facility that let you define how critically important SEO elements will align and look like across your domains.

optimize any number of sites with a powerful rules system

You can build compelling content snippets to maximize click-through based on your current products promotion prices for instance, or contextualize web pages by inserting associated tags in browser titles, and a lot more. You are then free to refine and edit on a page by page basis, and build as many rules as necessary to be used for a single page or an entire set of domains. SEO Samba is the only SEO platform with our patent pending hub & spoke technology enabling websites to be hosted anywhere while still controlling them all from a single interface.

Looking for an affiliate software to run your own program? You've also came to the right place

You have an established online store, and would like to develop affiliation marketing? Great, we also run the SEO Samba affiliate network. It provides you with all the tools necessary to run your program including multi-tier commissions tracking, unlimited support for media types, rebranded PDF's, unlimited campaigns setup and a lot more.

You also tap into hundreds of affiliates who are already connected to the affiliate network, and to whom you can propose to join your own affiliate program.

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