Interact with your website visitors

For a better user experience, but also most of the time, a better content, let your viewers interact with your website, and share ideas, opinions and comments with you and others about your page topic and its content.

SeoToaster was built to be a veeeeery easy to use CMS, even when dealing with adding a complex application such as a comment system. For this, we have the "Widget Maker". It is located in the editor.

  1. open the editor
  2. open the widget maker tab on the right
  3. scroll to "comment"
  4. Enter a topic ** (should be related to the article / content you want people to comment about)
  5. Enter a keyword ** (one word to summarize what you want people to comment about)
  6. Check "publish" if you want no moderation.
  7. un-check "publish" if you want to moderate the comments before they get published.
  8. Click "Apply" to send the widget code to the content area.

And "Voila", a cool and advanced interactive comment system in just a few clicks.

** Topic and keywords will be able to be used in a set special SEO modules that are still in the making and will be available soon.