Creating A Website Theme With SeoToaster

A website theme is a set of templates and files that are necessary to build your website. To create a basic website theme you only need 4 templates and 2 CSS files.

Required Templates

  1. index.html
  2. category.html
  3. default.html
  4. news.html

Required CSS files

  1. styles.css
  2. content.css

Create Your First Website Theme

We offer our collection of files needed to create the layout of the site. It has all the required templates and CSS files with a minimum set of CSS properties to display page elements correctly.


Also you can download our free themes - Free Website Themes

Tokens & Widgets

To create a site easily and rapidly with SeoToaster, you can use tokens which are tiny - yet powerful - snippets of code that you can paste anywhere as placeholders in your template or webpage content.

Widgets are preconfigured tokens bringing up special functions, which you can customize with one or more attributes.

SeoToaster Content Widgets

SeoToaster has been built so that you can manipulate any type of content on your webpages while minimizing the risk to break the code and lose all your work. To achieve this, use Content Widgets.

All you have to do is to place the Content Widgets you need in the right place within your templates, then fill up those containers on any page based on those templates.

There are 4 main types of content containers in SeoToaster:

  • edit headerEdit Content, at THIS place for THIS page {%%content:param}
  • edit containerEdit content at THIS place and it will show on ALL pages {%%content:param:static}
  • edit headerEdit a header {%%header:param}
  • edit headerEdit this header at THIS place and it will show on ALL pages {%%header:param:static}