How to make a KML file?

Introducing the Website ID card or WID card which builds a KML file for your website automatically. Complete the Website ID Card, and open your KML file at It's great for local SEO, as KML files help geo-locate your business with modern directories, local search applications including Google Maps, Google Earth and related applications. In addition, the WID card pre-populate plug-ins with relevant information and keep your information synced up throughout your website templates.

Create the mobile version of your website

In addition, the WID card pre-populate Plug-ins with relevant information and keep your information synced up throughout your website templates. When you need to tap into the growing mobile and tablets user market, and build a mobile version of your website, simply complete your Website ID card, and load our mobile website plugin. Next, download a mobile web theme, and check a few boxes to select content for your mobile site version as you browse your site. That's it, you got yourself a great looking, ergonomic, always synced-up, rich functionality with directions to your business tablet and mobile-ready website.

Local SEO made easy

It has been mentioned by folks at Google that 80% of Google queries are of a local nature. As yellow pages books become obsolete, local search engine optimization is increasingly important to small businesses in order to generate cost-effective sales leads.


It is also proven that national organizations benefit heavily from having their local dealers, stores and franchisees listings and websites referenced and search engine optimized for local queries.

Thanks to techniques described on this page, and found across all the powerful website builder's facets SeoToaster is an excellent foundation to maximize website's local search engine rankings visibility.

However, you can further enhance your website and local search rankings for one or multiple locations with a paying subscription to SeoSamba. For a mere $99 a month per domain, website's information gets distributed to Google Places, Bing Business Center and Yahoo local, as well as many other valuable websites. In addition, multi-locations businesses such as franchises, dealerships and stores can deploy local strategies from a central interface, covering both social, news, email and PR tactics.