5 roles, 1 screen and countless happy administrators

SeoToaster is really easy to administrate. You can view, delete or modify user information and role from the same screen. At a glance view when a user last logged into its account, and from which IP address. Finally, you can easily export all your user accounts to a CSV file.

Admin:   These users access and interact with all system areas.

Copywriter: These users are restrained to fewer control panel items in relation to their function. Copywriters can access PAGES and MEDIA menus.

Member: Users who register through the membership sign-up form. These users have access to their own profile page, and any page that is set as protected from the page properties screen.

Customer: (Ecommerce version only) Users who make a purchase through your shopping cart. All buyers get an account automatically created for them in order to expedite buying process. You can then elect to configure the action email facility to email them their credentials if you wish to make them aware of the existence of their account. These users get access to a customer profile page which details shipping addresses they have used, view their orders, access shipping tracking information and invoices pdf for their purchase. No credit card information is accessible from there. However, you are free to add any amount of information to their private area, including videos, pdf files or anything else.

Sales Person: (Ecommerce version only) Like copywriters these users are restrained to fewer control panel items in relation to their function. Sales Persons can access PAGES, MEDIA, and STORE Dashboard menus. They can not edit the STORE dashboard layout.