SeoToaster Plugins Marketplace Rules & Requirements

So you've made some theme or plug-in and you'd like to have it in the marketplace? Well we'd sure love to include it, and let you earn money in the process.

So that we can work in full transparency with users, and clear mutual understanding, we only ask of you to follow a few simple rules:

  1. You must have complete rights to the code you're submitting.
    If you're using 3rd party libraries, someone else's design, or anything else that might have any legal holdings, you need to let us know in the comments section during submission. We assume that you have properly attributed all works, if not your contribution will be rejected and deleted from the SeoToaster Plugins Marketplace, plus you may experience some serious legal issues with any legitimate copyright holder.

  2. Your plug-in must work without further extension.
    If your plug-in requires something else be installed, or wraps some other application, you need to find a way to include everything required in the package. If there's a API key type field that someone has to populate (like our Advanced Google Maps plug-in) that's understandable and acceptable. If it's "go get the latest version of XYZ and install it so this plug-in will work" - that's not.

  3. You have to be able to provide support.
    For free plugins, we only ask you to answer any Q&A request or support ticket within 30 days. For paid-for plugins, we ask that you answer to all requests within 48 hours. Failure to comply will likely result in termination of your plugin endorsement and/or any association with SeoToaster, its parent company and related brands.

Earning Money With SeoToaster Plugins Marketplace

We leave it to you to decide if you want to sell your plugin upon submission or let people use it for free. If you decide to sell then please use one of the following price plans:

  1. $25 or $2.99/month
    Use this price plan for video players, support tools, and basic corporate website themes.

  2. $75 or $6.99/month
    Use this price plan for real-time shipping providers interface, social plug-ins, lead generation tools, multimedia apps, and most e-commerce website themes.

  3. $250 or $14.99/month
    Use this price plan for payment gateways, shipping gateways, advanced programming plugins, and CRM integrations.

  4. $39.99/month
    Comprehensive business models such as classified ad systems, reverse auction systems, etc.

SeoToaster Marketplace Fees & General Terms

  1. We reserve the right to change your price plan if we feel it does not fit the right category.

  2. We take 30% of every transaction, and the lowest price we sell anything for is $25, so be sure to work that into your pricing.

  3. You have to provide free support to all your paying customers for at least 30 days.

  4. You must provide support within 48 hours of the ticket's creation date/time.

  5. Our refund policy is: the thing will work and the thing will do what it says. Its up to you to work with your customers though our support system to resolve these issues. You can offer them a refund if you'd like at any point.

  6. If they can't install it, it doesn't work, and they're not getting help out of you, we will grant them a refund and you will not getting paid.

  7. You have to leave enough credit in your SeoToaster account at any time to cover that period of approval.

  8. If you're going to be unable to provide support for some reason, you need to let us know ASAP so we can make other arrangements.

  9. Take some time to read the legal agreement covering our relationship with you on this stuff.

  10. Please don't sell your plug-in or theme for SeoToaster elsewhere. We're not going to keep you from doing this legally but plug-ins sold in the marketplace are packaged to be centrally manageable via SeoToaster CMS, SeoToaster Ecommerce and SeoSamba's online marketing platform, and have therefore more chances to be licensed multiple times to website networks instead of a single website.