Deliver a better experience to your website users

SeoToaster automates by default a number of user experience best practices. This helps both web visitors using text or voice browsers, and search engines alike easily understand the topic at hand.

  1. Media-rich web pages load 5 X times faster:  SeoToaster is the first CMS ever to natively integrate parallel download. With a simple checkbox, SeoToaster kicks into high gear and serve images through multiple parallel media servers, making your media intensive web pages scream.
  2. Links titles: All links and deep links created by the editor automatically get the target page's H1 tag text as a title. Please hover this link to see a link title appear: Test link displays target's H1 tag. This automated entry can be overwritten in the editor by clicking on link property and entering an alternate "link title" tag.
  3. Alternative image tags: All uploaded images are automatically tagged using the file name by default. This automated entry can be overwritten in the editor by clicking on the image property and capturing a different "alt" tag.
  4. Image opening to its larger version: All images open to a larger version when clicked. This automated behavior can be overwritten by removing the image link. Try it below:


Optimize your website speed

Speed is very important for a great browsing experience, and as such is measured by search engines to rank web pages quality.

SeoToaster is the first CMS with integrated parallel media download. In short, it renders heavy web pages 5 times faster than any other CMS systems.

However, SeoToaster is also an excellent choice even if you do not have an image intensive website as it uses ZEND Cache to limit the amount of requests on your server.

In addition, by following some simple rules when coding your website templates, you can boost your website speed even more.

Read more about concatenating, minifying and caching files here.