lSeoToaster Ecommerce & CMS unveils 2.4 version

05/12/2015, Camden (DE) - SeoSamba has released a major upgrade for its open source content management software SeoToaster CMS & Ecommerce with a version 2.4 featuring many fixes, improvements and several new features for ecommerce and online marketing.

On top of fixes to reinforce an already tight security, many functions have been improved as well to increase ease of use, and corrections to subfolder redirects, the addition of sitemaps for blogs and the possibility to search for content using accents and numbers.

SeoToaster 2.4 beefs up with single social sign-on

Those already acquainted with SeoToaster will also notice right away some new features in the CMS version, for instance a widget allowing single sign-on using Facebook, Google + and LinkedIN accounts to facilitate sign-up and access to membership websites;

With the addition of the Indonesian language pack, SeoToaster now provides a fully translated admin interface in eleven different languages, a feast made possible by the numerous contributions of an increasingly active community.

SeoToaster Ecommerce 2.4 introduces free Paypal payment, multi-store pickup and revamped default themes

The most striking changes in SeoToaster 2.4 are to be found in the Ecommerce version with a focus on ordering and payment functions. This version now includes PayPal natively, with a free PayPal button and PayPal Pro gateway plug-in, letting web store owners build a professional Ecommerce web store end to end for free.

True to its multi-stores capabilities, SeoToaster Ecommerce 2.4 now features a multiple pickup location functionality providing several in-store pickup options for customers. For administrators, the improved export of orders will add an extra level of comfort to manage their web store.

Many other e-commerce functions have been vastly enhanced, including revamped default email templates, improved mobile checkout as well as number formatting/handling for SMS services on checkout, upgraded error handling on checkout, and better tooltips throughout screens.

SeoToaster 2.4 aims at being the online marketing CMS of choice for users and developers

Touted as one of the most user-friendly CMS for SEO and online marketing on the market, SeoToaster is also free and open source. With this upgrade and the powerful combination of countless integrated marketing features, SeoToaster are confident it will gain yet more popularity among developers and website owners in the weeks to come.

SeoToaster 2.4 can be downloaded for free on the SeoToaster download page. For more information please visit

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